Exhibition “God made himself present”

Exhibition “God made himself present”

An admirable Exhibition of Nativity scenes – Father João Aguiar Campos’ private collection – exhibits more than 70 works, made in the most varied materials. Some texts, written by the priest, help the understanding and spiritual experience of the event.

The show, it is hoped, will help refocus everyone’s attention on the fundamentals of this festive season: what is celebrated – a discount made to the kindness and generosity of all the good gestures that are registered – is Christmas, the birth of the Child Jesus, where two irreplaceable figures punctuate: Our Lady and St. Joseph.

Now we are then in the Crib, the most capable representation of what actually happened when Jesus came into the world.

The artists know how to reap, with peculiar sensitivity, the poetics of such a sublime event. With their hands they reveal the beauty of the figures and the event. The cribs are a dream work. A work that deserves to be contemplated.

The exhibition will continue until Kings Day, January 6, 2020, visitable at normal of the Pius XII Museum.


07 Dec 2019 - 06 Jan 2020


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